• Discrimination and Equality

    Despite more and more victories for equality, legalized homophobia and transphobia still thrive in every corner of the world. While a handful of countries provide specific legal rights and protections to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) citizens, many more do not. In fact, nearly 80 countries still criminalize sex between LGBTI people, and some even impose the death sentence for same-​sex sexual activity. Cross-​dressing, same-​sex marriage, and even advocating for LGBTI human rights are also illegal in many places. It is also legal to discriminate against LGBTI people in employment, education, housing, healthcare, and public spaces in most parts of the world.

ADDED ON: 09/20/2017

South Korea: Tension Mounts Over Upcoming Pro-LGBT Event at Haeundae Beach

The first LGBT festival to take place in Busan this weekend is hiking up tensions between pro- and anti-LGBT groups, according to Haeundae Police on Tuesday. The possibility of clashes between the…


The Circuitous Route to Marriage Equality

This was a big surprise at the beginning of my conversation with Genaro Lozano: “My father is a general in the Mexican Army.” What I expected to hear next was the tale…

ADDED ON: 09/12/2017

‘Yes!’: Marriage Equality Rally Sweeps Sydney – In Pictures

With Australia set for a postal vote over the legalisation of gay marriage, a crowd of an estimated 30,000 people rallied at Sydney town hall before marching to Circular Quay in support…


ADDED ON: 09/12/2017

The Human Cost of Australia’s Gay Marriage Plebiscite

The Australian government will let people “have their say” on same-sex marriage. The Australian High Court ruled Thursday that the government’s postal plebiscite can proceed, so next week ballots will arrive by…


ADDED ON: 09/12/2017

Gay-Bashing in the United Kingdom: Survey Shows Increase, and Under-Reporting

Hate crimes against LGBTI people in the UK have surged by nearly 80 per cent in recent years, according to a new detailed survey. A poster advertising the exhibition, “Queer British Art:…


ADDED ON: 09/12/2017

Australian MP Tells LGBT+ People to “grow a spine” Over Same-sex Marriage

The National Mental Health Commission issued a warning on Monday about the negative effects the intense dialogue surrounding same-sex marriage could have on LGBT+ people, but not everyone is convinced. Former resources…


ADDED ON: 09/12/2017

Trauma as Travelers Face a Gender Issue Going Through Security

When Londoner Jamie Liang reached the Eurostar security checkpoint at London St Pancras International he put his possessions on the conveyor belt and entered the body scanner. It beeped. Instead of searching…


ADDED ON: 09/10/2017

Queer Getaways Give China’s LGBTI Tourists a Break From It All

The Beijing-based media worker is a seasoned traveler to many LGBTI-friendly destinations, jetting off regularly with a group to places such as Taipei and Bangkok with thriving queer scenes. “You could call Thailand…


Helping Namibia Out of the Closet

News of a Pride March in Windhoek, Namibia appeared as a bolt of lightning. This remote, sparsely-populated nation on the south-west edge of Africa is a neighbor to LGBTI activism hotbeds like…

Working for Change

Helem is the leading organization protecting and promoting the rights of the LGBTIQ population of Lebanon. In fact, it was the first organization of its kind in the region when it launched…

LGBT Voices From Sudan

The Nile Valley area of Egypt and Sudan is not often thought of as a place where LGBTI persons can find support and build community. The cultural and legal restrictions around sexual…

Q&A with Creator of “All About Sec 377”

What will it take to end a legacy of colonial repression in India? The courts have run in circles invalidating then reinstating Section 377. In a landmark 2009 decision the Delhi High…