Soap for Refugees in Kenya – A New LGBT Refugee Business

LGBT asylum seekers in a Kenyan refugee camp are one of the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in that country. After having faced severe persecution and violence in their home countries, they fled in search of a safer and better life, only to find themselves facing many of the same difficulties where they are now.

The newer LGBT arrivals face some of the most severe security risks on a daily basis, coupled with the most basic need for food and shelter. Giving these vulnerable individuals the chance to create a needed product and earn an income helps them integrate into the local community and environment, mitigating the many risks associated with poverty.

Alturi is supporting LGBT asylum seekers in Kenya to start their own soap business. Soap and shampoo are necessities which are lacking in the camp, or are only available at high prices. Through this program, LGBT asylum seekers will produce and sell soap and shampoo at an affordable price, yet still be able to make a profit and build a sustainable business, helping them build a more self-sufficient and dignified lives.

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