ADDED ON: 06/04/2020

YouTube takes down anti-gay ad after outrage in Russia

06/03/2020 | Reuters

An online video suggesting Russians back constitutional reform or see gay couples win adoption rights was taken down by YouTube on Wednesday after LGBT+ groups said it incited hatred. The clip, posted online this week, shows a boy going from joy to heartbreak as he discovers his new parents are men. The ad had created an online furore that experts said could help garner support for the reform vote, which could let President Vladimir Putin extend his long rule. It plays on deep-seated anti-gay sentiment in the country, where activists say violence against gay people has been on the rise since the adoption of a 2013 law that banned the dissemination of “gay propaganda” among young Russians. Only heterosexual couples can adopt children in Russia. “Here’s your new mum. Don’t be upset,” one of the new adopting parents tells the child as he introduces his partner, who promptly offers the boy a dress. A woman working at the orphanage watches on, then spits on the floor in disgust.


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