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You Wanted Same-Sex Marriage? Now You Have Pete Buttigieg.

12/11/2019 | BuzzFeed News

To a lot of progressive queer people, Buttigieg’s campaign symbolizes everything the marriage-focused mainstream gay rights movement has failed to deliver. In general, Buttigieg makes the case that gay people like him, and like me, deserve to belong — in our families, in our churches, and in our communities — just as much as straight people do. He’s right; we do deserve to belong. But Buttigieg is also effectively arguing that queer people’s rights should derive from the very institutions we’ve only recently gained (tenuous) access to, like marriage and the job market. He’s insisted that universal coverage for things like pre-K, Medicare, and college education — policies I believe in, which would guarantee coverage to every individual, regardless of their marital or employment status — isn’t only financially impossible, but wasteful and unnecessary. (Why rely on the state when you’ve got private corporations or the conservative-approved nuclear family?)


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  1. The court, known as the Judicial Yuan, said current marriage laws were “in violation of both the people’s freedom of marriage and the people’s right to equality”, and it gave two years for legal amendments to allow same-sex marriage. “If relevant laws are not amended or enacted within the said two years, two persons of the same sex who intend to create the said permanent union shall be allowed to have their marriage registration effectuated,” the court said. Hundreds of supporters of same-sex marriage gathered in the street next to the island’s parliament to celebrate the decision, holding colorful umbrellas to ward off a drizzle. “This ruling has made me very happy,” said Chi Chia-wei, a veteran gay rights activist who had petitioned the court to take up the issue. The ruling clearing the way for same-sex marriage is the first in Asia, where socially conservative attitudes largely hold sway. The LGBTQ community was enjoying a growing wave of support, although admittedly it had a long way still to go. Marriage equality had been won, nondiscrimination ordinances were becoming more common, and it appeared as if the momentum was on our side. Then America elected Donald Trump to become our h president. Since then, that progress has looked more in danger than it has in years. For younger people, the turn can be particularly upsetting.

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