ADDED ON: 09/17/2018

‘Yes, Our Son is Gay, but We Want Him to Be Happy’

09/16/2018 | Times of India

When medical student Rahul Chouhan had told his parents back home in their little village in Ujjain a few years ago that he was gay, they were stunned but supported him anyway. “After Supreme Court decriminalised Article 377, we now know we did the right thing,” they told TOI. Rahul’s parents Ramkanya and Suresh Chandra Chouhan even came over to Bhopal to join the pride parade to celebrate the SC decision. “It has been a long and difficult journey, full of ups and downs and a lot of tears and depression. But the happiest day of my life was when my parents accepted me for who I was. They came to the pride parade and were relieved to see so many well educated and successful people identifying with the community,” Rahul told TOI. Sharing his journey of self-discovery, the medical student said, “I belong to a small village, Limbaditt, in Tarana of Ujjain where people are not really aware of homosexuality. Being a backward area, families get their children married before they reach their mid-20s. Even I was engaged to a girl in 2014 as I didn’t know my sexual orientation.”


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