ADDED ON: 09/23/2019

‘Yes, I am transgender’: Indonesian singer braves hostility in emotional video

09/23/2019 | Asia One

“It has been my inner turmoil for the last two years, but today I want to be honest. The rumours that you’ve heard out there about me being transgender, they’re true. I am transgender,” Gebby Vesta said in a three-minute video that was uploaded on her official YouTube channel on Thursday. Gebby’s confession was shocking amid the anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) sentiments that have been intensifying for years in Indonesia. Before the video was uploaded, Gebby has been reportedly denying accusations that she was waria (transgender). In the video Gabby, who is a dangdut singer and a DJ, said that she had decided to go through sexual reassignment surgery six years ago. “I had hidden my true self for 19 years since the first time I went to Jakarta until today. Nobody knows the real me. Many people had been asking me: Why didn’t I tell the truth? It’s easier for you to say that because you are not in my position; you don’t understand what I am feeling. I have been fighting my own feelings.


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