ADDED ON: 07/20/2018

Yangon’s First LGBT Café

07/20/2018 | Myanmar Times

A cappuccino and some space, please! Some behaviors in public are just a disgrace. It is the case of cat-calling, the act of whistling or trying to get the attention of a girl in the street. Tip from a young woman: it never works. But woman are not the only one targeted by street harassment, LGBTs are too. Such micro-aggressions do not only take place in the street but also in other places such as restaurants. “I can feel the tension through the looks of people whenever I have a meal at a restaurant, especially when I get in with my girlfriend”, says 25-years-old Nge Nge, a self-defined “tomboy”. “It is really annoying for me.” Tensions are particularly palpable for ‘trans-women’ believes Junior Dennis also – also known as Mg JD (Pearl K Khine) – who identifies as a transsexual. As public spaces can be threatening to LGBT people, she opened the first Myanmar LGBT themed shop with a café and a restaurant also selling themed-based accessories in Yangon. The shop opened on July 10.


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