ADDED ON: 01/20/2019

Yale announced ‘non-binary’ gender option in response to Trans Rights Coalition Petition

01/18/2019 | Washington Times

Registering as “non-binary” is now a non-issue at Yale. A November petition by the Ivy League university’s LGBT community has successfully changed the Student Information System. Students may now select “M” for male, “F” for female, or “N” for non-binary. Last year’s petition by Trans Rights Coalition was sent directly to Yale President Peter Salovey, the education watchdog Campus Reform reported Friday. Some students were not placated by the university’s decision. “If Yale cared to support gnb/gnc students, they might consider materially divesting from the gender binary, rather than providing an additional category to an already essentialized construction,” Casey Odesser told Yale News on Thursday. “[Gender identity is] relational and situated, fluid and unstable.”


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