ADDED ON: 10/12/2021

Wyoming librarians may face criminal charges for stocking LGBTQ books

10/11/2021 | Metro Weekly

Local prosecutors in Wyoming may consider charging librarians for having books in the library’s collection that include information about reproduction, sex, or being gay. The books were flagged by conservative parents and local religious leaders in Campbell County, Wyoming, outraged that such material was allowed in the teen or children’s section of the Campbell County Public Library. At issue are five books that were placed in the teen or children’s section of the library, including Sex Is a Funny Word, a children’s comic book by Cory Silverberg that discusses sex, gender identity, “privacy, safety, and respect,” “protecting yourself against unwanted sexual touch and abuse,” and “boundaries regarding nudity”; Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy, a book by therapist Andrew P. Smiler about dating, relationships, and sex geared towards teenage males that “relies on secular ethics and emphasizes sexual health and personal responsibility,” and This Book Is Gay by Juno Dawson, focusing on LGBTQ issues.


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