ADDED ON: 05/27/2021

World’s largest gaming service Twitch adds ‘transgender’ tag

05/26/2021 | Al Jazeera

The world’s largest game streaming service Twitch has said that players will be able to add a transgender label to their videos – a move the company said would aid inclusion among its 30 million daily gamers. Twitch, which lets users broadcast themselves playing video games, introduced “transgender”, “bisexual”, “Black”, and “disabled” among more than 350 new tags – labels that users can add to their videos., it said. “This has been one of the most popular requests we’ve heard, and the simple truth is that we should have done this sooner,” Amazon-owned Twitch said in a blog last week. It then broadcast the news to users on Wednesday. Tech firms have come under pressure to make their products more inclusive of transgender people, with Instagram and LinkedIn allowing users to add their pronouns to profiles, amid a fierce debate over what it means to be male or female.


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