ADDED ON: 08/25/2019

WORLD Australians ‘overwhelmingly’ believe religious groups should not have the right to discriminate against LGBT people

08/24/2019 | Pink News

The Galaxy/YouGov poll, commissioned by PFLAG Australia, showed that 63 percent of people in Australia disagreed with religious discrimination against groups like unmarried mothers or people who are divorced, as well as the LGBT+ population, according to Q News. When same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia in 2017, conservatives in the country called for “religious freedom” to discriminate. A draft of new “religious freedom” legislation was presented by attorney general Christian Porter to prime minister Scott Morrison’s cabinet on Tuesday, August 20, and it is expected to be revealed to the public in the next few weeks. 68 percent of Australians also said that religious organisations should not be able to discriminate against people with different views or values.


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