ADDED ON: 08/25/2018

Woman Takes Unprecedented Step to Advance LGBT Cause in Hong Kong and Sues Government Over Civil Partnerships Ban

08/24/2018 | South China Morning Post

A Hong Kong woman is suing the Hong Kong government for denying her the right to enter into a civil partnership with her female partner. In an unprecedented legal bid in the city, the woman, known only as Mk, has argued that the stance impinges on her rights to privacy and equality, amounting to a breach of the Basic Law, the city’s mini-constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The application for a judicial review, which focuses specifically on civil partnerships and not same-sex marriage, was filed in a confidential court document in June, but details did not emerge until Friday during a preliminary hearing at the High Court. The far-reaching implications of the case were apparent during the brief 30-minute hearing, as government lawyers said the litigation would involve input from all 13 government departments, and asked the court to grant them more time.


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