ADDED ON: 01/26/2022

Woman says military lawsuit is about ‘what they think a lesbian female should look like’.

01/25/2022 | Washington Examiner

A woman suing the U.S. Army and Air Force for discrimination said her case centers on what certain military leaders think a “lesbian female should look like,” according to media reports. Technical Sgt. Kristin Kingrey, who has served in the Air National Guard in West Virginia for 14 years, told the Daily Beast on Monday that she is suing the two branches for discrimination after a male supervisor in 2019 allegedly made disparaging comments about her appearance, including that she needed to grow her hair out and wear makeup. Kingrey said officials tried to intimidate her into obeying, later acting on threats to cause her professional damage. “It leaves me in such disbelief. They have made this my life. Whenever I discuss it I am at a loss for words,” Kingrey said. “It was a completely unacceptable comment, and a completely unacceptable situation. I am fighting this case not just because what happened to me was blatantly wrong, but, most importantly, I truly hope positive change comes from my case and it prevents another individual having to walk this path, because it is a very long and dark path to walk.”


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