ADDED ON: 06/05/2018

Woman Not Slim and Fair Shoots to Phenomenal Stardom with LGBTI, Feminist Fan Base

06/05/2018 | Global Times

When Wang first appeared on stage, she wore black overalls that exposed her round waist. The dark-skinned, stout 25-year-old wore heavy makeup, especially the eye liner, which made her look like a Western diva. Her hair, dyed gray at the tips, flipped out at her shoulders. She also wore exaggerated, round earrings, looking ambitious and even aggressive. She was surrounded by what one might expect of a girl group: slim women with large round eyes, sweet smiles and innocent expressions. She instantly received comments from fellow contestants for being “oppressive” and “not very girly.” The audience thought the same, hoping Wang would get booted from the show and even creating memes to mock her. However, last week she miraculously turned the game around, jumping to first place in popularity and winning millions of fans because of her candid personality, independence and ambition, the very reasons many wanted to vote her out in the first place.


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