ADDED ON: 11/06/2019

Woman divides people with angry rant about rainbow poppies for Remembrance Day

11/05/2019 | The Mirror

Each year in the run up to November 11, you’ll see people pinning red poppies to their jackets. The little paper flowers or badges are worn for Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day as it’s also known and are intended to honour those who have died in the line of duty. Traditionally, the flowers are red, but recently some people have been opting to buy or make their own unofficial rainbow versions. This move has caused outrage on social media as many view it as “disrespectful”. A woman named Cassie shared a rant on Twitter about the colourful poppies and her post quickly went viral, sparking debate. She said: “Why am I seeing rainbow poppies being made, not to be rude but there is a whole month dedicated to the LGBT community, can the heroes that fought for our country have the ONE day to be remembered without it being about sexuality. It’s going too far now.”


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