ADDED ON: 05/25/2022

Without disruption, Cameroon’s LGBTI coalition elects new leadership.

05/24/2022 | Erasing 76 Crimes

The UNITY umbrella organization of Cameroon’s varied LGBTI rights advocacy groups has elected a new board after a spirited campaign. “We all won,” said Sandrine Ateh, the newly elected vice-president, referring both to successful candidates and to those whose campaigns fell short. “I congratulate all the candidates and candidacies presented,” she said. “This shows the desire and willingness to be part of the central piece of the puzzle. I congratulate the organizing committee for the professionalism and transparency of these elections. No one here is a loser. No one.” The UNITY Platform is a dynamic LGBTI consortium, currently with 34 member organizations, including CAMFAIDS, ASCAUPEV, CERLUDHUS, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, HFC+, ALTERNATIVES CAMEROON, ELLES, AVAF, ACODEVO, TRESOR PROGRES, HC², and ACHREDHO.


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