ADDED ON: 07/17/2019

With Number 96, Australia brought queer people to TV decades before anyone else

07/15/2019 | The Guardian

Once upon a time Australian TV led the world in shattering LGBT taboos – with the world’s first regular gay character in 1972, followed by a trans character and gay kiss. During last month’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Stonewall riots, many historians looked at how the modern gay rights movement influenced pop culture. We learned about music, books and cinema which reflected societal progress – but nothing brought LGBT representation into lounge rooms better than television did. And no country was quicker to do it than Australia, through 1970s series that presented the world’s first gay character, trans character and gay kiss. Why then, does Australia never get credit for these world first milestones? America’s first gay kiss didn’t happen until 1991 on LA Law.


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