ADDED ON: 06/23/2019

With gay couple as stars, Mexican telenovela set to make history

06/22/2019 | Reuters

A Mexican soap opera that debuts on Sunday is set to make television history as the country’s first telenovela to feature a gay couple as the leading characters. “Juntos, El Corazon Nunca se Equivoca” (Together, the Heart is Never Wrong) from Mexican network Televisa centers on two teenagers who move to Mexico City to attend a university. The couple – Aristoteles (Emilio Osorio) and Cuahutemoc or ‘Temo’ (Joaquin Bondoni) – first appeared on the Mexican soap “Mi Marido Tiene Mas Familia” (My Husband Has More Family), which ran from 2017 until February this year. Among the most watched shows in Mexico, its final episode attracting nearly four million viewers, according to Televisa. Telenovelas are hugely popular in Mexico and can influence national dialogue on social issues across Latin America. The first gay kiss in socially conservative Brazil on the soap “Amor a Vida” in 2014 was seen as a historic moment in gay rights.


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