ADDED ON: 03/28/2022

Winnipeg team channels two-spirit resilience for LGBTQ2+ National Monument in Ottawa

03/27/2022 | CBC News

A Winnipeg group inspired by the rich history of two-spirit teachings are the winning designers of a new monument in Ottawa to honour victims of Canada’s LGBTQ2+ purge. Team Wreford was chosen out of five groups for their design of a plant-filled park with a gleaming thunderhead sculpture at its centre to honour those who lived through the purge. The lead on the team, Liz Wreford from Architects Public City, says their monument will capture both the sombre past and hope for a better future. “We’re honoured to be chosen to design this monument. It’s such an important one and you know it’s a responsibility that we aren’t going to take lightly,” she said. The LGBTQ2+ National Monument is a partnership between the federal government and the LGBT Purge Fund, which was created from the settlement of a class-action lawsuit against the government.


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