ADDED ON: 12/20/2019

Will first trans hero mark a new era for LGBT+ roles in video games?

12/19/2019 | Reuters

When Tyler Ronan and his twin sister Alyson ask video gamers to unravel their family’s mysterious past in small-town Alaska next year, the siblings will take followers on an untrodden journey. For he is the first playable trans hero of a major video game, “Tell Me Why”, which will be released next summer by Dontnod Entertainment, the French studio behind the blockbuster “Life Is Strange”. The game has been hailed as a milestone for LGBT+ representation by players and campaigners and led to debate over whether an industry often criticized for sexism and homophobia is opening up to greater diversity. “Tyler is a fully-realized, endearing character, whose story is not reduced to simplistic trans tropes,” said Nick Adams, a spokesman for the LGBT+ advocacy group GLAAD.


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