ADDED ON: 06/06/2019

Why we should (try to) take the Boston Straight Pride parade seriously

06/05/2019 | The Independent

“It’s LGBT Pride Month, but straight people aren’t going to let that stop them. Yesterday, news hit the wires that a group of men referring to themselves as Super Happy Fun America were planning a “straight pride parade” in Boston. The self-identified deputy leader of the group, Mark Sahady, claimed that they had worked out a parade route and applied to the city for a permit. They also wanted the same “accommodations” as the LGBT pride parade was being given. Reportedly, they wanted to upset the “identity politics” agenda. I was walking around an art installation full of color and vibrancy yesterday when I read the news. I felt an overwhelming sense of anger and sadness. It felt like a blatant mockery of everything I’d been through as a bisexual teen in a Midwest town, my sexuality denied and opposed by my conservative parents.


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