ADDED ON: 10/02/2019

Why the struggles of the climate and LGBTQIA+ movements are deeply connected

10/02/2019 | ILGA Europe

While states fail to act comprehensively on what is the biggest crisis humanity faces, a diverse group of queer activists came together on the evening of 2 September to found a new initiative. Several people from the frontline of climate breakdown in Mongolia and India shared their experiences of climate breakdown over a vegan, partly dumpster-dived meal at a social center in Amsterdam. After dinner, the relationship between climate breakdown and the realities of LGBTQIA+ people on the frontlines were discussed and Queers4Climate became a reality. We framed the problem as follows: Climate breakdown is of huge risk to everyone, but it has a disproportionate effect on already marginalised communities. This is what makes it a queer issue. We are dedicated to bring about system change in the way we deal with climate change, and to contribute to the climate movement regarding its queerness, intersectionality, and inclusiveness. LGBTQIA+ people should care because hard-fought rights, freedom and equality are harder to achieve or defend in a society which faces the damaging effects of climate breakdown.


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