ADDED ON: 12/28/2019

Why Homosexuality Is Not Un-African

12/27/2019 | Instinct Magazine

Let’s finally settle it. Homosexuality is just as African as heterosexuality. Yesterday, we shared with you news of J Hus and his online blunder. The rapper tweeted out the never-ending argument that LGBT life is not African culture. From artists and celebrities to politicians, many within Africa claim that homosexuality is un-African. In truth, LGBTQ history and culture has been a part of African history and culture for centuries. For instance, take the Yoruban culture of West Africa. As The Guardian pointed out in 2015, there is a word for “homosexual” in the civilization dating back to around the 1500s. But that’s not all, acknowledgment of LGBTQ life is found in other African cultures. As The Guardian wrote: “In the northern part of Nigeria, yan daudu is a Hausa term to described effeminate men who are considered to be wives to men.”


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