ADDED ON: 08/21/2018

Why Asia Needs to do More to Welcome LGBTI Tourists – the Rewards are Far From Just Financial

08/20/2018 | Post Magazine

The 10th annual Gay Games came to a close on August 12 in Paris, France. Next stop: Hong Kong, which, in 2022, will become the first Asian destination to welcome the world’s “largest sporting and cultural event led by LGBTI athletes, artists, and musicians”. However, that will not be Hong Kong’s only “first” as host city. It will, unless the situation changes, be the first city to host the Gay Games without having legal recognition for same-sex unions. Activists hope that the event’s profile – not to mention the significant financial clout of the pink dollar – will demonstrate the value of being an LGBT-friendly destination and spur policy change, not just in Hong Kong but across the region, where LGBT tourism remains a largely untapped industry.


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