ADDED ON: 10/10/2021

‘Why are you attacking me? I’m great’: 8-year-old transgender girl asks lawmakers to oppose sports ban bill

10/7/21 | KXAN

During a marathon hearing Wednesday that lasted more than 10 hours, a transgender child pleaded with Texas House lawmakers to halt a bill that would prevent her from playing in sports with other girls. Sunny Bryant traveled with her mother, Rebekah, from Houston to join dozens of others testifying at the House Select Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies. The members held a vote on House Bill 25, which would ban transgender student-athletes from playing in sports corresponding to their gender identity. Gov. Greg Abbott added the legislation to the special session agenda again after it failed to pass three times this year. “Why are you attacking me?” the 8-year-old said into the microphone lowered to match her height. “I’m really great.” Bryant said she previously testified against the legislation, and this time she told the committee members that her family may move to another state with more accepting policies toward transgender people. “My first visit to the Capitol should have been on a school field trip, not defending my right to exist,” she said, “but if I don’t show up, you won’t see the real stories. Kids like me whose futures will be crushed, opportunities taken away even before I’m given a chance to try.”


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