ADDED ON: 01/28/2020

Why are Dine LGBTQ people denied access to ceremony?

01/27/2020 | Albequerque Journal

When Rei Yazzie started his transition and his voice began to change, he knew it was time to prepare for a tá’cheeh – a traditional male puberty ceremony. To do so, he would need the help of a Diné medicine man – an ask that can take time – but, more importantly, he would need to find a traditional healer willing to accept a transgender man. “The older generation haven’t acknowledged or embraced (people like me),” said Rei Yazzie. “I want to reach out to somebody who is going to acknowledge that.” Rei Yazzie is not alone in his struggle to secure prayer or ceremony from traditional healers, yet he descends from a tradition that recognizes multiple gender roles.


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