ADDED ON: 10/02/2018

Why a National Apology and Redress for Discharged LGBT Service Members Matters

10/01/2018 | The Conversation

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) banned lesbian, gay and bisexual personnel from serving openly until November 1992, and there were restrictions on transgender service until September 2010. Even so, we know LGBT people have always been serving bravely in the ADF. In an ongoing research project with Macquarie University Associate Professor Shirleene Robinson, we have been documenting the histories of LGBT service members, many of whom suffered discrimination, surveillance and punishments while serving in the closet. Our research entailed examining Defence records and media reports and interviewing 130 former and current LGBTI service members. What compelled me to write the brief were some of the harrowing tales ex-service members told us.


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