ADDED ON: 05/11/2021

White House Reverses Trump Ban on LGBT Health-Care Protection

05/10/2021 | Bloomberg

The federal government will begin enforcing protections for LGBT Americans in health care again, reversing a ban put in place by the Trump administration, the Health and Human Services Department said Monday. The decision to do so was made in light of the Supreme Court’s findingin Bostock v. Clayton County, which held that LGBT people are protected from discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. “The Supreme Court has made clear that people have a right not to be discriminated against on the basis of sex and receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement. “Fear of discrimination can lead individuals to forgo care, which can have serious negative health consequences. It is the position of the Department of Health and Human Services that everyone—including LGBTQ people—should be able to access health care, free from discrimination or interference, period,” he said.


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