ADDED ON: 10/18/2020

While fighting anti-Muslim hatred, I decided to stand up up for LGBT+ rights. Homophobes targeted me.

10/17/2020 | Pink News

A core founding principle of leading organisations that tackle hatred and bigotry, is to ensure that these organisations hold up and stand firm against any form of bigotry, whether that emanates from within a certain community or within a wider population setting. With this laudable principle in mind, I developed and formed Tell MAMA in 2011, to map, monitor and measure anti-Muslim hatred in the UK. Central to the work was also ensuring safety and access to justice for victims of anti-Muslim hatred. During my five-year tenure leading this nationally recognised project, it became clear that there was a small, vocal and hardened group of co-religionist activists, loosely supportive of groups who sought to use inflammatory content about “Muslims being under attack”, the Middle East conflict and Islamophobia to build their support base within British Muslim communities.


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