ADDED ON: 06/12/2018

What’s it Like to Be Gay in North Korea?

06/12/2018 | Gay Star news

North Korea is one of the most closed-off and secretive nations in the world. Little is known of life within the nation’s borders, far less about the lives of LGBT people in the country. Contrary to popular belief, North Korea has no specific law prohibiting same sex relationships. But don’t start waving your Pride month rainbow flags just yet. North Korea denies the existence of homosexuality altogether, on the grounds that the people of the country all have ‘sound mentality and good morals’. North Korea’s only known gay defector is Jang Yeong-jin. He escaped his country in 1997 by crossing heavily armed border between his country of birth and South Korea. Yeong-jin said that there are thousands of gay people living miserably in the so-called ’Hermit’ nation. He said that many people don’t even have a word for their LGBT feelings.


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