ADDED ON: 09/06/2018

What it Means to Be Gay in Rural India

09/06/2018 | BBC

The Supreme Court’s decision to make gay sex legal in India has been hailed as historic. LGBT groups in cities across the country have been celebrating the ruling as the “beginning of a new era”. But the reality for members of the LGBT community in rural India is different. They believe it will take a long time to change regressive attitudes towards them. Arun Kumar, 28, lives in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. I am really happy with the court’s decision. It will help people in cities express themselves without fearing the law. But sadly, it’s different for people like me who live in villages. It’s not the law that we fear – what troubles us is people’s perception. I hope that the media’s coverage of the verdict will help people understand that homosexuality is normal.


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