ADDED ON: 07/04/2020

What Happened For Black Transgender People When Police Protests And Pride Converged

07/03/2020 | NPR

June 2020 was a pride month that looked different from past years, and not just because people were socially distancing and wearing masks: Demonstrations for LGBTQ equality overlapped with protests against violence and systemic racism against Black people. At the intersection of these two fights for equality are Black transgender people. Imara Jones, an independent journalist and founder of TransLash media, told NPR’s All Things Considered, that this moment has been “a crucible.” “The marriage of these two issues at the same time has been incredibly intense, but if you look at the history of the two movements, in many ways it makes sense that they actually are occurring at the same time,” Jones said. “They have so many cross links. People involved in one were involved in the other. They both have similar roots in terms of what they are all about.


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