ADDED ON: 03/27/2022

We will not back down from bullies! Look who’s on the side of Trans folks

3/26/22 | Los Angeles Blade

What a week it’s been. But whenever I think, this is so hard, dealing with a death threat, hatemongers and malcontents, I remember there are many who have it worse than me. Like Lia Thomas. Like the latest trans women murdered, Kathryn Newhouse and Tatiana Labelle. One week ago today, what started as a boring, run of the mill interview with a vocal opponent of transgender women competing in women’s sports turned into a viral video that so far has been viewed 1.7 million times on Twitter. U.K. anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen accomplished her goal by ambushing me last week while I was reporting at the NCAA Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships in Atlanta. Despite being banned by Twitter, Keen (aka “Posie Parker”) somehow turned this stunt into a successful fundraiser for her group, “Standing for Women.” And while my own recordings of that same event have only been seen a total of 5.4K times, what really gets my goat is that Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have basically turned a blind eye to harassment I’ve been subjected to by haters, bigots, transphobes, GCs and TERFs (those are acronyms for, respectively, Britain’s “Gender Critical” activists and “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists” here in the U.S.). It appears this ambush-style activity is becoming a thing. British comic Jen Ives shared video this week of being harassed in London, at a conference held by anti-trans activists. Yet in the face of all this animus, I have been buoyed by support from both within the transgender community and allies across the board, on both sides of the Atlantic. In objecting to me using what she termed “women’s spaces” on the Georgia Tech campus, Keen did something few of us could have ever accomplished on our own: She showed the world what a bully she is.


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