ADDED ON: 04/02/2022

‘We Want To Live a Happy Life’: LGBTQ People Are Leaving Hungary

4/1/22 | Vice

Boldizsar Nagy is packing his bags and leaving Hungary. He and his boyfriend have had enough of Hungary’s attitude towards their relationship. But with an election this weekend that includes a referendum on LGBTQ rights in Hungary, things could be about to get much worse. Over several years, Nagy, a writer, and his lawyer boyfriend have built a home together just outside of the capital, Budapest. They were excited for their future together in Hungary: pouring money and time into creating a beautiful new home. They’ve dedicated entire rooms to collections of toys and books ready for their future child. But Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ stance, which includes a law making it almost impossible for gay couples to adopt in the country, means they’re leaving it all behind. “When we moved to this house, we were just two, my boyfriend and me. But then we decided that we’d like to have a family and some kids, so we built some new rooms. I started to buy toys, and kids’ books, and board games,” Nagy told VICE World News. “Our plan was, this would be my room and this would be the kids’ little room so we will be next to each other,” he said, showing me the perfectly crafted spaces in their beautiful house. “But now there is this new law that actually bans same-sex couples and single people to adopt kids kids in Hungary, so we plan to move from here. Not just because of the adoption, but you know, this whole situation in Hungary.” Put simply, LGBTQ rights are being destroyed in Hungary.


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