ADDED ON: 07/20/2018

We Can Treat AIDS with Medicine – But Only Love Will Beat its Insidious Stigma

07/19/2018 | The Telegraph

Aids activism has always been about connecting with people on the margins. Our movement is defined by uplifting those cast aside by society: reaching out with love, connecting them to a supportive community, and helping them get the care they need. That is the spirit in which thousands of researchers and activists, myself included, will attend the 22nd annual International Aids Conference in Amsterdam next week. The international community has made remarkable progress in the fight against Aids, in no small part thanks to this gathering. The last two decades have seen the number of people on treatment for HIV/Aids increase fifty-fold. Dramatic medical advances mean that people living with HIV lead full, joyous lives. A diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. Such progress has been made not only thanks to scientific innovations, but to efforts around the world to fight stigma and social isolation with compassion, dignity, and love.


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