ADDED ON: 08/30/2020

‘We Are Making Up For Lost Time’: Tracking Little-Known Stories Of African American, LGBTQ And Women’s Colorado History

08/30/2020 | Colorado Public Radio

There’s a growing movement to locate places in Colorado where historic events happened but were never recorded. The Colorado Historical Foundation is on a mission to change that. “A lot of the telling and recording of history has really been by people in positions of privilege and power,” said Colorado Historical Foundation executive director Cathy Rosset. “We are making up for lost time in the historical record.” The foundation has received three History Colorado State Historical Fund grants to track down little-known stories about African Americans, the LGBTQ community and Women’s Suffrage in Colorado. Rosset and her team are establishing a database by searching through old records and dusting off archived newsletters to look for buildings where important events happened. “It’s really combing through these documents and figuring out who the people were behind the movement. Where did they live? Where did they work? Where did they organize letter-writing campaigns? First, we need to find out what still exists,” Rosset said. “This project will determine how many of the buildings are still standing, using our information on Google Street View and then making limited driving visits.”


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