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We are all George Floyd!

06/06/2020 | Herald Malaysia

Most of us must have been troubled by the news of what is happening in the US in the aftermath of the horrific death of George Floyd, who was killed by police officers. These must be worrying times for the people there — not just the pandemic and the economy but now, the protests in response to the horrific police brutality and callousness in Minnesota. These things happen all over the world, from time to time, but to actually see someone’s life being slowly snuffed out on video, almost in slow motion, to hear him uttering “I can’t breathe” and to see him gasping for life was something else. This callous murder is not something that happened overnight. Many others have died, victims of police brutality. For many African-Americans, this is the reality on the streets, especially in depressed neighbourhoods. Many of them dread being stopped by a police officer for any reason. There is a pattern here — the racism that lies beneath the surface, which goes back all the way to the slave trade. As the economy slides and after decades of neoliberal policies, many ordinary people are feeling the economic pain. It then becomes easier for unscrupulous politicians, some manipulating social media, to channel the people’s frustration towards “the Others”, the minorities in our midst — whether they are ethnic or religious minorities, the LGBT community, “liberals”, migrants, refugees … you get the drift.


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  1. DeVaughn Saunders

    Racism is worse in the gay community than it is in the heterosexual community. It never gets discussed, 1/4 of the alphabet( and growing) blocks it. Gay men are a community. They are their own sexual orientation. Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and the like are completely separate sexual orientations. Yet, people talk to a gay man as if a book on two women having sex is how addressing his gay male needs. I am sick and tired of heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian women, and the like getting to write gay male literature more than gay males. I am tired of some woman writing that the gay male character thoroughly enjoys having sex with women in gay fiction. I hate when a bisexual male accuses a gay male of being sexist, because he wrote a book or a movie about two men in love. I hate when a transgender female to male feels that the gay male need not be told about the change( the government changes the birth certificate). This society is heterosexually dominated. This means men having sex with women is the majority. Yet, feminists talk to us as if everything is all male( a patriarchy). They are using despise gay male language. When Bill and Hillary Clinton moved into the White House that was an all male situation, because she wasn’t the President. When Ann Richards was governor of Texas that was an all male situation, the male considered for spouse couldn’t be a househusband( that would be the woman doing all the work and the male being a parasite). Gay men long ago have been questioning the alliance of the alphabet. Gay men no longer consider just the Republicans as not being for them. Gay men are taking a serious look at who is the enemy.

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