ADDED ON: 01/16/2023

Was refused entry to Bhopal Lit Fest as I’m gay: Onir Dhar

01/15/2023 | Zee News

Filmmaker Onir Dhar — one of the most heard voices for LGBTQ rights in India, said on Sunday that he was refused entry to the Bhopal Literature Festival on Friday just because he is a gay. “I deliberately chose the word gay since that is the reason why I was not allowed to deliver my speech at Bhopal,” said Onir, the writer of the book “I am Onir and I am gay,” at a curated session on the closing day of 14th session of Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival (AKLF) 2023 here on Sunday evening. Onir was to deliver a speech on Friday at Bhopal`s Bharat Bhavan at a curated session “Making Literature LGBTQ Neutral”. However, his speech was cancelled at the last moment reportedly because an anti- LGBTQ group threatened to protest his presence. On Sunday, Onir said in Kolkata that it seemed that the objection was more about him rather than the issue to be discussed at the curated session.


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