ADDED ON: 08/01/2022

Warn Everyone’: Spain’s Gay Community Acts as Monkeypox Spreads

07/31/2022 | Voice of America

Whether it’s abstinence, avoiding nightclubs, limiting sexual partners or pushing for a swift vaccine rollout, Spain’s gay community is on the front line of the monkeypox virus and is taking action. “With this monkey thing, I prefer to be careful. … I don’t have sex anymore, I don’t go to parties anymore, and that’s until I’m vaccinated and have some immunity,” said Antonio, a 35-year-old from Madrid who declined to give his last name. Antonio, who often went to nightclubs and sometimes to sex parties, decided to act as cases continued to increase. Spain on Saturday reported its second monkeypox-related death. Outside of Africa, the only other such death has been in Brazil.


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