ADDED ON: 11/19/2018

‘Waria’ Told to Leave Their Home in Jakarta Amid Anti-LGBT Campaign

11/18/2018 | Jakarta Post

Seven transgender people in Sumur Utara, Klender, East Jakarta, have been told by residents to leave a boarding house they are currently staying at. “We, kampung Sumur residents, reject the presence of LGBT groups”, states a banner put up in front of the boarding house on Saturday. The neighborhood unit (RT) head was collecting signatures from residents to expel the waria, said one of the seven people affected who requested anonymity, using a local term for transgender people. She said they had been accused of prostitution. The boarding house is home to eight people; the eighth room being occupied by a midwife, she said, adding that many more transgender people resided in the area.  “We have never broken any rules. We always abide by the regulations set in the neighborhood, including not receiving any guests,” she told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.


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