ADDED ON: 07/31/2021

Wales launches plan to become most LGBT-friendly country in Europe as Westminster slides backwards

7/30/21 | Pink News

The Welsh government has unveiled a new LGBT+ action plan and set out its hope to become the most LGBT-friendly country in Europe. Key actions will include trying to devolve powers related to the Gender Recognition Act in order to reform it to benefit trans people; using “all available powers” to ban “all aspects of” LGBT+ conversion therapy; and increasing support for Pride events across Wales by sponsoring Pride Cymru, establishing a Wales-wide Pride Fund and appointing a Welsh Pride co-ordinator. The government is consulting the public on the plan, which was drawn up by an independent panel of LGBT+ experts and launched by the deputy minister for social partnership, Hannah Blythyn, yesterday (29 July). Blythyn said that the government wants the action plan “to achieve our ambition to furthering LGBTQ+ equality in Wales”. “The plan sets out a wide range of policy-specific actions relating to human rights and recognition; safety; home and communities; health and social care; education; and the workplace, by adopting a cross-government approach, covering all areas of policy will we truly be able to achieve equality for all in Wales,” she said. “At the end of Pride Month, I set out the key steps on the journey towards achieving greater LGBTQ+ equality in Wales. “Our ambition is to tackle the long-term structural inequalities that still exist, to challenge discrimination and to create a country without prejudice.”


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