ADDED ON: 10/24/2018

Village’s Removal of Straight-pride Flag is Discrimination, Creator Says

10/24/2018 | Montreal Gazette

The man behind a New Brunswick village’s straight-pride flag says he and his supporters are considering legal action or a political challenge of the municipal officials who took it down. “There’s a lot of people angry over the flag being taken down. The same as if the gay pride people would be angry if their flag was taken down,” Glenn Bishop said in an interview Tuesday. “We’re not done. We’re going to regroup and see what’s next.” Bishop, a retired welder, insisted he is not the least bit anti-gay but is simply proud to be straight, and doesn’t understand why Chipman village officials removed the flag after a single day. Bishop had watched Sunday as Mayor Carson Atkinson and others gathered to raise the flag, which shows the symbols for female and male on a field of black and white stripes.


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