ADDED ON: 04/02/2020

Viktor Orban moves against Hungarian trans rights holding power

04/01/2020 | Go Tech Daily

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has moved to seize long-standing rights as one of the first things he will do after receiving new autocratic power. On Monday, the Hungarian parliament voted to extend Orban’s supreme power by granting him the right to rule in law indefinitely, meaning he no longer had to consult other lawmakers before making a decision. His reign began on Monday morning, and by late evening his Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén had issued a new document that would replace “gender” with “sex at birth” on all the official documents. The result is that Hungarian citizens can no longer change their gender. A clear reminder of the forum is that current legislation does not define “gender” as it is naturally endorsed, adding: “The gender that entered the registry was determined by physicians, who were registered by the registry.”


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