ADDED ON: 11/20/2019

Vietnamese pop music’s exuberant take on LGBT

11/20/019 | VN Express

A slew of musical videos featuring LGBT characters have been released and become YouTube sensations in 2019.
The most popular has been Truc Nhan’s song titled “Sang Mat Chua” (Serve You Right), which has amassed almost 45 million views since it was released at the end of July. Filmed for two years in Vietnam and Thailand at a cost of around VND2 billion ($86,000), Nhan’s video features catchy music, slick choreography and a comic story in which a gay man threatens to crash his ex-boyfriend’s wedding to a woman by revealing their previous homosexual relationship. Other singers offering their takes on LGBT this year include Gil Le, Dao Ba Loc, Mai Tien Dung, Van Mai Huong, Nguyen Tran Trung Quan, and Vu Cat Tuong.


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