ADDED ON: 09/06/2020

Vietnam Has a Thriving Drag Scene, But It Still Has Ways to Go in Advancing LGBTQ Rights

09/04/220 | VICE News

Lil’ Daddee struts onto the stage wearing a fake mustache and a boiler suit covered in grease stains. The performer picks up a large bicycle pump and carries out a suggestive routine for several minutes, pulling the long rubber hose back and forth between their legs as emphatic cheers rise above the music. Lil’ Daddee is one of five drag kings battling it out in a test of “hyper-masculinity” at GenderFunk’s regular drag competition in Ho Chi Minh City. Nights like these have become a popular fixture in the Vietnamese capital’s social scene—created in 2018, it provides “safe spaces for queer artists and all humans to express their sexuality, their gender and their own style of creativity,” according to organizers. While most of the performers are from the LGBTQ community, the event has gained mainstream appeal, as its recent move to the Hard Rock Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City’s arterial Hai Ba Tung district indicates. Audience members are an eclectic mix of drag artists, queer folk, and couples looking for a fun night out.


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