ADDED ON: 06/01/2019

Vienna’s changing LGBT spaces – a cartoon

05/31/2019 | The Guardian

As the city prepares to host EuroPride, Lars van Roosendaal paints the places at the heart of its storied queer scene. Gay pick-up behaviour has changed a lot in recent decades. The increasing social recognition of LGBT people and the arrival of new internet dating platforms mean you do not have to go to hidden places, often known only to initiates, to find a potential partner. This has led to changes in how queer spaces manifest themselves, and nowhere more so than in Vienna, with its rich LGBT history. For example, public toilets (also known as tea rooms here) as meeting places have practically disappeared from the gay city map. Until the 1990s, they existed in Vienna along the Ringstrasse and in many underground stations. Today only the one in the Stephansplatz subway station is regularly frequented by gay men.


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