ADDED ON: 12/18/2022

Veto of Discriminatory Poland Sex Ed Bill Shows Power of Protest

12/17/2022 | Human Rights Watch

In the last weeks, Polish students and activists regularly gathered in front of Warsaw’s Presidential Palace and across the country to demand respect for their rights. They called on President Andrzej Duda to veto a controversial bill that would further limit access to comprehensive sexuality education and anti-discrimination classes in schools. Despite naysayers, these protests made a difference. On December 15, President Duda announced that he will veto the harmful bill due to public opposition. Duda said that the public had made clear there was not broad support for the bill and since the law was submitted to Parliament in October, his chancellery received 133 letters with thousands of signatures calling on him to reject it. “Regular protests of students, teachers, parents, and non-governmental organizations in front of the Presidential Palace made a difference,” said Dominik Kuc, a member of the SOS for Education – Free School Coalition. “NGOs help schools, not harm them,” Kuc added.


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