ADDED ON: 05/03/2022

‘Very scary’ leaked draft of abortion ruling could endanger LGBTQ decisions too.

05/02/2022 | Dallas Voice

A purported draft of what is believed to be the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on whether to overturn a long-standing decision protecting the right to abortion not only indicates the court will overturn that decision — Roe v. Wade — but also that it is poised to overturn landmark pro-LGBT decisions. The draft, reported by Monday night, May 2, appears to be authentic. But it is dated February, leaving open the possibility that it is not finalized. At least five justices must sign onto a decision to carry the majority, and votes on some decisions in the past have changed very late in the process, as justices either were persuaded or repelled by the language of a proposed majority decision. Also in the past, attempts to report the outcome of cases before the decisions were released simply turned out to be wrong.


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