ADDED ON: 04/05/2019

Verona protests: Tens of thousands of campaigners march against ‘medieval’ anti-LGBT+ and anti-abortion conference

04/01/2019 | The Independent

Tens of thousands of campaigners descended on the streets of Verona over the weekend to show their opposition to an anti-LGBT+ and anti-abortion conference whose self-avowed goal is to establish the “natural family order”. The US-founded World Congress of Families (WCF), which has faced criticism for its Russian ties, staged a three-day conference in the ordinarily quiet northern Italian city to discuss “the beauty of marriage” and “growth and demographic decline”. The 13th international conference of the WCF – which critics have branded “medieval” – was funded by the local authority and is backed by the far right League Party, which is a partner in Italy’s current populist coalition government.


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