ADDED ON: 02/02/2020

Veracruz Congress rejects same-sex marriage

01/30/2020 | Diario de Mexico

The Veracruz Congress rejected the reform of 52 articles of the Civil Code that sought to establish formal union between people of the same sex, since it was indicated that the natural family should be respected. It was in this Thursday’s session that the Political Coordination Board of Congress no longer included such reform that was promoted by local deputy Monica Robles Barajas, since March last year. Some of the points of this reform included the freedom for people of the same sex to decide the surnames of their children, their formal union, the right to alimony, express divorce, to name a few. Thanks to these issues being addressed in today’s session, there were citizens belonging to different organizations that protested outside the local Congress against the legalization of equal marriage.


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